The Gem of Lake Elsinore. Lakeside camping for over 50 years!

The Gem of Lake Elsinore. Lakeside camping for over 50 years!

Savoring Italian Elegance at Anthony’s Lounge and Ristorante

What: Anthony's Lounge & Ristorante
Distance from Pacific RV Park: 15.7 miles (20 minutes)

Located in the heart of Lake Elsinore, Anthony’s Lounge and Ristorante is a culinary destination celebrated for its delightful blend of Italian and international cuisine. With an extensive menu that ranges from classic pasta dishes to innovative culinary creations, the restaurant has earned accolades from locals and travelers alike. Patrons often highlight the warm ambiance and the exceptional service that complements the delectable fare, noting that the dining experience at Anthony’s is one to be savored.

Beyond the sumptuous food, Anthony’s Lounge and Ristorante is also known for its inviting atmosphere, where diners can enjoy a meal in a setting that blends casual comfort with a touch of elegance. The reviews consistently praise not just the quality of the food but also the attentive and friendly staff, creating an experience that goes beyond the plate.

As visitors explore the vibrant dining scene of Lake Elsinore, Anthony’s stands out as a top choice, reflecting the area’s commitment to gastronomic excellence. For guests staying at the nearby Emerald Bay RV Park, Anthony’s Lounge and Ristorante offers a perfect opportunity to experience the local culture through its cuisine. The RV park itself complements this experience with its array of amenities, providing a serene backdrop for those who want to combine the adventure of camping with the comforts of home.

Emerald Bay RV Park is an ideal base for exploring the local attractions, including fine dining spots like Anthony’s. With options for both camping and RV rental, the park caters to a range of preferences, ensuring that whether you’re dining under the stars or under the roof of a cozy restaurant, your stay in Lake Elsinore is memorable. After a day of exploring or a night out at Anthony’s, guests can retreat to their own slice of tranquility at Emerald Bay RV Park.

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