The Gem of Lake Elsinore. Lakeside camping for over 50 years!

The Gem of Lake Elsinore. Lakeside camping for over 50 years!

The Emerald Bay RV Park Site Map

We have more than thirty RV spaces ready for you to call home!

Emerald Bay RV Park Lake Elsinore Site Map

To find your spot, select a green colored space on the map. Gray indicates the space is already occupied by another guest.

Once you select your space, you’ll be directed to a short application form. You will not be charged for your space by submitting your application, you will only be charged after you have received an approval email. Then, you’ll get another email with a link to pay for your space.

Do you have questions? Please contact us and we’ll do our best to help. Thank you for your interest in Emerald Bay RV Park!

Emerald Bay RV Park Space Map
Lake ElsinoreCamping WestCamping EastRV Space 1RV Space 2RV Space 3Space 4Space 5Space 6Space 7Space 8Space 9Space 10Space 11Space 12Space 13Space 14Space 15Space 16Space 17Space 18Space 19Space 20Space 21Space 22Space 23Space 24Space 25 - Double WideSpace 25-BSpace 26Space 27Space 28Space 29Space 30Space 31 - Mobile HomeSpace 32Space AvailableSpace Unavailable

Lake Elsinore

Lake Elsinore is the largest natural freshwater lake in Southern California. Lake levels are healthy at an average of 1,244 ft (379 m) above sea level with a volume of 30,000 acre⋅ft (9.8 billion US gal; 37 billion L) that often fluctuates, although much has been done recently to prevent the lake from drying up, flooding, or becoming stagnant.

RV Space 1

RV Space 2

Space 8

Space 12

Space 14

Space 15

Space 17

Space 20

Space 23

Space 24

Space 25 - Double Wide

Space 25-B

Space 26

Space 27

Space 28

Space 29

Space 30

Space 31 - Mobile Home

Space 32

Space Available

Spaces with this color are currently available.

Space Unavailable

Spaces with this color are being enjoyed by a guest and are currently not available.